Wide Market Access


Member Countries: 5
Population: 143.5 million

Total GDP: $110.3 billion

Source: EAC Facts & Figures Report (2014)

Kenya’s membership of regional economic blocs, coupled with its strategic geographic position, make the country the gateway to the huge EAC and COMESA regional markets and a beneficiary of several preferential trade arrangements.


Member Countries: 20

Population: 469 million

Total GDP: USD 636 billion

Source: COMESA (2013)


Kenya is a member of several trade arrangements and beneficiary of trade promotion schemes that include the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), World Trade Organisation and EAC-EU Trade Agreement.


There will soon be Tripartite Free Trade Area (FTA) cooperation, a regional bloc of the EAC, COMESA & SADC nations – creating a potential market of over 600 million.


  • Market Integration
  • Infrastructure development
  • Industrial development


  • Harmonization and improvement of functionality of regional trade agreements and programs
  • Trade promotion
  • Joint planning and implementation of infrastructure programs
  • Free movement of business persons within the region

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