Meet Leading Businessman and Entrepreneur, Dr. Chris Kirubi

A lead speaker at this year’s Kenya International Investment Conference on 23-25 November 2015, Dr. Chris Kirubi and his vast, fast-growing business portfolio represent the sheer scale and variety of opportunities for global businesses in Kenya.

As someone who built his infinite empire from a modest upbringing, Dr. Chris Kirubi is known for not walking away from a challenge but is best described as a man who aims for the galaxy. His multinational corporate empire started in the early 1970s as he discovered his niche in the real estate sector. He began purchasing old buildings and overhauling them for sale or rent. Now his corporate empire shapes sectors and ranges across leading industries such as manufacturing, real estate, investment, energy, and media amongst many others.

The top businessman has defied convention in many ways. He has established multinational brand companies, using his multi-sector expertise to create the homegrown Haco Tiger brands, Centum Investment and Capital FM – one of Kenya’s favorite radio stations.

Dr. Kirubi’s drive for excellence saw him expand Haco industries from a distributor of American and British brands to a leading indigenous manufacturer of consumer products in East Africa. Soon afterwards, he formed a joint venture with Tiger Brands, one of South Africa’s largest food manufacturers, to establish Haco Tiger brands. Haco Tiger brands is the sole manufacturer and distributor of hair, skin, home and food products such as Miadi, Palmers, Bloo Acticlean, and Bic pens.

The entrepreneur is a strong believer of hard work and healthy competition as a means to creating environments conducive to sustained business growth.

“There will always be challenges but what is most important is how you overcome them,” he notes, adding that: “This is where ‘the rubber meets the road’ and you have got to know what to do.”

Dr. Kirubi believes in empowering businessmen and women through sharing opportunities; with determination being the key ingredient in his own success story.

This year’s KIICO is set to offer a platform to international, regional and domestic investors to consider business opportunities across various sectors of the Kenyan economy. The conference will highlight Kenya’s strategic role as a center for doing business with the rest of the world and will provide a forum for investors, policymakers and businessmen to build a narrative on ways to enhance the business climate.

Focusing on several key growth industries including Apparels & Textiles, Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, ICT and Leather; alongside a fifth stream focusing on cross cutting issues and further sector opportunities, the display of opportunities on offer at KIICO 2015 mirror the diversity of Dr. Kirubi’s multi-billion dollar business portfolio across the region.

It is clear that Dr. Kirubi is a force to reckon with. He says that, “when working with me, it is either you go big or go home.” He continues to prove his words in action by one of his latest projects, Two Rivers Mall – an extraordinary project set to become one of the largest lifestyle malls in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“Two rivers will be an urban realm that interconnects the public space with the retail center and sits on 100 acres of land that has been sub-divided to accommodate commercial, residential, hospitality, entertainment as well as lifestyle spaces”.

Dr. Kirubi believes that Africa has become a focal point of global interest for investors and that Kenya in particular, due to its status as the gateway to East Africa, remains the destination of choice for not only investments in the country but for investors looking to explore other Eastern African markets.

“KIICO is a top opportunity for investors to meet and interact with business owners,” said Dr. Kirubi, adding that through Kenya’s position as the business hub of the region, the Government has identified energy as one of the infrastructural enablers of the three pillars of Vision 2030. A surge in energy use is predicted within the commercial sector on the road to 2030.

A major investor himself, Dr. Kirubi and thousands of global companies are converting continued interest in business projects in Kenya in to action. Combined, this has FDI into the country in 2014 compared to 2013, with investment amounting to $1.2 billion, according to the African Development Bank. Recognizing opportunities within the energy sector, Dr. Kirubi advances plans for the $300 million Akiira geothermal power plant in the Rift Valley county of Nakuru, which is expected to generate 140MW.

“We are going to have enough power to accommodate investors who come to establish factories to convert raw material to used goods. As we are part of COMESA, we need to take advantage of this and be the source of all the products produced in our common market.”

To hear more from Dr. Kirubi, visit to register your attendance at KIICO 2015. Dr. Kirubi will be speaking in the inaugural panel discussion at KIICO 2015. The discussion will focus on East African Community integration and reforms made to enhance ease of doing business for global investors in Kenya. Kenya is ranked the third most reformed country globally in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2015 report.







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Pope Francis to Visit Kenya in First Ever Trip to Africa

Pope Francis will visit Kenya from 25 – 27 November in his first ever trip to Africa. Nairobi will be his first stop on a three-state visit of the continent to include Uganda and the Central African Republic.

The Catholic community in Kenya accounts for an estimated 33 percent of the population. While in Nairobi, Pope Francis will hold a Mass on the campus of the University of Nairobi which is expected to be attended by 1.4 million people from across the country.

The Pope will also meet other religious leaders to discuss inclusivity and how people of all denominations can co-exist. Key discussions will include matters around climate change, strengthening family ties, and inter-ethnic tolerance.

It has been 20 years since Kenya hosted a pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church which was marked by the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1995. The nation is prepared to welcome Pope Francis with blessings and joy.

For further information, and full details Pope Francis’ itinerary, please visit