July 2015: As the leading economy in East and Central Africa, Kenya’s strategic location and its developed infrastructure makes it a natural choice for investors and an Africa hub for many international firms.

Leading Kenyan businessmen describe Kenya’s business environment, why it remains attractive to investors and some of the current opportunities that exist for businesses looking to enter the market.




  • Kenyan’s are world renowned for producing amazing runners and since their participation in at the Melbourne 1956 Olympics they have won 56 medals in long-distance running events.
  • Julius Kiplagat Yego is a Kenyan track and field athlete who competes in the javelin throw. He currently holds the best through in world since 2006 which set a new African record at 91.39 metres.
  • Kenyan sportsmen and women currently hold 20 World records in outdoor athletics that are ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations.


  • Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o was raised in Kenya where her father was a professor at the University of Nairobi, she was recently in Kenya to announce becoming an International ambassador forWildAid. To see her interview click here https://vimeo.com/132199683
  • Malaika Firth is a Kenyan-born British model who rose to fame after being the first black model in twenty years to be booked in a Prada campaign. She had her runway debut at New York Fashion Week 2012
  • Tour De France winning Cyclist Chris Froome was born in Nairobi and trained from a young age on the slopes of Mt. Kenya.
  • American writer Ernest Hemmingway is reputedly the man who introduced the Swahili word ‘safari’ to the western world with his book ‘The Green Hills of Africa’.
  • McDonald Mariga started his career with Kenya’s Tuska F.C. going on to play for Parma in 2007
  • Richard Dawkins, the evolutionary biologist, was born in Kenya


  • Angama Mara lodge opened in June. The Swahili word ‘angama’, meaning ‘hanging or suspended in mid-air, and this lodge doesn’t disappoint. Innovative architecture means it seems to be suspended in the air right on the rim of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment.
  • Radisson Blue, Upper Hills, Nairobi is set to open at the end of 2015 with 271 guest rooms, 13 suites and one Presidential Suite


Expansion of Jamii Bora Bank

  • Promoter: Jamii Bora
  • Estimated Investment: USD 20 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: Nairobi

The bank focuses on small and medium entrepreneurs seeking to scale up to become future corporates. The bank seeks either equity or long-term debt to expand and match the growing demand of these clients.


Project Promoter
Nairobi International Financial Centre The Treasury



Shimoni Cement Productions

  • Promoter: Coast Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 249.428 million
  • Private Sector Participation: FDI, Development Partners, PPP
  • Location: Shimoni, Kwale District, Coast Province

The cement production project is planned to be located at Shimoni, Kwale District, Coast Province nearby a limestone mine and spread limestone deposit. Produced cement will be for domestic use and export.


Project Promoter
Flat Glass Production Coast Development Authority
Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zones Ministry of Industrialization Cooperatives and Enterprise Development


Moi University Student Hostels

  • Promoter: Moi University
  • Private Sector Participation: Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) PPP model
  • Location: Nairobi

Construction of seven student hostels and blocks to accommodate 9,880 students on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) PPP model.


Project Promoter
Embu University College Student Accommodation Hostels Embu University
Maseno University Student Accommodation Hostels Maseno University
Egerton University Student Accommodation Hostels Egerton University
SEKU Student Accommodation Hostels SEKU
Kenya School of Government-Embu Accommodation Hostels Kenya School of Government-Embu



300-Bed Hospital at KNH-Private Wing

  • Promoter: Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Estimated Investment: USD 36 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Nairobi

Development of the first full health PPP project in Kenya to provide local access to State-of-the-Art specialty care thereby reducing the need to travel. A build-operate-transfer PPP where the private party finances, constructs, operates and maintains (O&M) the envisaged seven-story to house 300-bed hospital building.


Project Promoter
Equipment Lease and Infrastructure Improvement Ministry of Health
ICT Services at Kenyatta National Hospital Ministry of Health
Oxygen Plant Ministry of Health

Water Supply

Mwache Multipurpose Dam Development Projects

  • Promoter: Coast Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 285.04 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Mwache River, Mombasa

Construction of 83.7m high dam with capacity to produce 47.45 million m3 of water per annum for domestic use – serving 1,536,000 people and 20,000 livestock.

This will have an annual capacity to produce 51.79 million m3 of water for irrigation to serve an irrigated area of 8,532 hectares.

  • Lake Challa Water Resources Development Project
  • Promoter: Coast Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 387 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Challa River, Coast

Development of a multipurpose project to contribute to increases in water production for domestic use, improve on farming produce through irrigation schemes, domestic and livestock use and fisheries and forestry consumption.

Dembwa Multipurpose Dam Development Project

  • Promoter: Coast Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 8 billion
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Dembwe River, Taita Taveta

Development of a 100m high dam with a reservoir capacity of 60 million cubic meters set to generate 3MW of hydro power, irrigate 3,000 hectares, serve 200,000 people and 20,000 livestock and conserve 300sq km of catchment land.

Sabaki River Basin Integreated Development

  • Promoter: Coast Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 100 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Sabaki River, Malindi

This integrated project is set on 10,000 hectares and will involve crop farming, livestock production, aquaculture, environment conservation, water supply and sanitation and development of support infrastructure.


Project Promoter
Nairobi Bulk Water Supply Athi Water Services Board
Nandi Forest Multipurpose Dam Lake Basin Development Authority
Webuye Multipurpose Dam Development Lake Basin Development Authority
Nairobi Solid Waste Management Nairobi County Government
Mombasa Solid Waste Management Mombasa County Government
Nakuru Solid Waste Management Nakuru County Government


Isiolo Resort

  • Promoter: Ministry of Tourism
  • Estimated Investment: USD 184 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Public Private Partnership
  • Location: Isiolo

The project will include the development of a five-star hotel (400 rooms), two-three star hotels (300 rooms), conference facilities, an office park and car park for 2000 vehicles.

Mombasa International Convention Center

  • Promoter: Tourism Finance Corporation
  • Estimated Investment: Undisclosed
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Mombasa

The concept entails the development of a multi-purpose Convention Centre, with a contemporary design to ensure large scale meetings, events and conferences can be facilitated in Kenya.

The site is located on a rehabilitated quarry within Haller Park located South of the Bamburi Cement plant along the Mombasa-Malindi Highway, on the Kenyan Coast.

Vision 2030 identifies conferences and business tourism as important factors in fulfilling the growth strategy. This project will seek to enhance the country’s capacity to host major events through upgrading hotel facilities and improving transport infrastructure.

Expansion and Development of Kenya International Convention Centre

  • Promoter: Kenya International Convention Centre
  • Estimated Investment: USD 232 million; average operating cost of USD 11 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Build, Lease and Transfer
  • Location: Nairobi

The project entails the expansion and development of a 300-bed hotel and exhibition centre in the middle of Nairobi’s Central Business District

First Class Hotel at Bomas of Kenya

  • Promoter: Ministry of Tourism
  • Private Sector Participation: Public Private Partnership
  • Location: Karen

Development of a five-star hotel with authentic African architecture and features . Traditional houses like those of the Maasai, Kalenjin, Mijikenda and Luo can be used, and are easily adaptable to hotel-type accommodation.


Project Promoter
Development of Marina at Shimoni Tourism Finance Corporation
Masinga Dam Ecotourism Complex Tana & Athi Water Rivers Development Authority

Real Estate

Konza City Technopolis

  • Promoter: Konza Technopolis Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 14.5 billion
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: Malili, Machakos

The aim is to develop an ultra-modern Technopolis City 60km south off Nairobi. The Konza Technopolis will comprise of a Business Processing Offshoring (BPO) Park, together with a residential area and a modern Central Business District.


Project Promoter
Civil Servants Housing Project Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development



Tana Delta Irrigation Sugar ProjectPromoter:
Tana & Athi Water Rivers Development Authority

  • Estimated Investment: USD 120.402 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: 
 Garsen County, 100km North of Malindi

Development of 20,000 hectares of sugar fields with the construction of a 10,000 hectares sugar processing plant, installation of a 34 MW cogeneration power plant and installation of an ethanol plant with capacity of 75,000 litres per day.

Fish Port Development Project

  • Promoter: Coast Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 820 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Kenyan coastline

The project is designed to develop a modern and equipped fish port along the Kenyan coastline.


Project Promoter
Tana Delta Irrigation Sugar project Tana &Athi Water Rivers Development Authority
Meat Processing Plant Kerio Valley Development Authority
Fruit Processing Plant Kerio Valley Development Authority
Modern State of the Art Abattoir Mandera County Government
Munyu Mutipurpose and Greater Kibwezi irrigation Tana &Athi Water Rivers Development Authority
Tana Delta Irrigation Rice Project Tana &Athi Water Rivers Development Authority
Fish Port Development Project Coast Development Authority



Olkaria I United 6 (70MW)

  • Promoter: Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 314 Million
  • Private Sector Participation: EPC
  • Location: Olkaria, Naivasha

The Olkaria I Unit 6 geothermal power project is an extension to the recently completed Olkaria I Unit 4&5 under the GoK’s 5000+Strategy of provision of affordable power through renewable energy sources. Opportunities exist for EPC Contractor for:

  • Lot 1- LOT I Contract: Steam-field Development.
  • Lot 2- LOT II Contract: Power Plant – Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works including interconnection to Grid.

Olkaria V (140MW)

  • Promoter: Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 554 Million
  • Private Sector Participation: EPC
  • Location: Olkaria, Naivasha

The development of project will increase geothermal generation by development of a new 140MW power plant. This will provide the following opportunities to EPC Contractors.

  • Lot I: Steam-field Development Contract
  • Lot II: Power Plant – Civil, Electrical and Mechanical EPC Contract
  • Lot III: Sub-station, transmission line and interconnection into the grid
  • Lot IV: Local infrastructure works (road, offices for the Engineer, Training School and Hostel).


Meru Wind (400MW)

  • Promoter: Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 888 Million
  • Private Sector Participation: EPC
  • Location: Meru

The proposed project will be undertaken in three phases of 50MW, 150MW and 250MW. The project provides opportunities for EPC Contractor to design, supply, install, test and commission Phase I of the Meru Wind Project. In addition, an equity partner is required for the subsequent phases

Olkaria VI (140MW)

  • Promoter: Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 418.52 Million
  • Private Sector Participation: EPC
  • Location: Olkaria, Naivasha

Olkaria Field is endowed with geothermal energy for the provision of steam and power. KenGen has been exploring the field and currently, the exploited capacity amounts to 487MW of power. The project presents opportunities in terms of advisory services, consultancies, financing (loan or equity), EPC contract, O&M management contract among others in line with the preferred model that will be selected for implementation.

635MW Geothermal Olkaria Pipeline

  • Promoter: Kenya Electricity Generating Company(KenGen)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 1716.77 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: Olkaria Field, Naivasha

KenGen has been granted the license by the Government of Kenya to develop the Olkaria field, which has an estimated resource potential of about 1200MW, of which 204.8MW is already developed, and an additional 280MW is in the construction stages.

The project will create increased national power generation capacity significantly and the consequent wider economic benefits.

The development will also aim to bring local employment benefits and skills development directly through the provision of construction and operational jobs, and indirectly through the attraction of investment into the area.

KenGen Industrial Park

  • Promoter: Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)
  • Private Sector Participation: Leasing
  • Location: Olkaria, Naivasha

This project will see the development a world-class mixed use industrial park including various clusters of businesses, manufacturing and services in Olkaria. The project will cover 1200 acres and will benefit from the proximity to the geothermal power stations and the Nairobi-Kampala railway

Mombasa Petroleum Trading Hub

  • Promoter: National Oil Corporation (NOCK)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 500 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: Mombasa

The Trading Hub will be a modern petroleum terminal comprising of two offshore petroleum jetties with one dedicated to loading/offloading of crude oil and black fuels. The other dedicated to refined products. A modern greenfield petroleum tank farm with a design capacity of 800,000MT is to be developed 
in phases from an initial minimum capacity of 300,000 MT. The project aims at improving supply security and reducing the cost of supply.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage and Regasification Facility with Associated Power Generation

  • Promoter: Ministry of Energy
  • Estimated Investment: USD 685 million
  • Private Sector Participation: 30 year concession for LNG facility and a 20 year power purchase agreement for a Build Own Operate plant with additional time for decommissioning and land restoration
Location: Dongo Kundu, Mombasa

The project comprises of two components. One component involves the establishment of a jetty, storage and the regasification facilities. The other component will be the development of a power generation plant through a partnership between KenGen and the private sector.

Arror Multipurpose Dam

  • Promoter:
Kerio Valley Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 302.48 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: Kapsowar Town

The development is proposed to generate 60MWof hydropower using waters of Arror River, as well as irrigating 2500 hectares for crop production whilst conserving, rehabilitating and protecting the environment along the Arror.

Magwagwa Multipurpose Dam

  • Promoter: Lake Basin Development Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 979.8 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: Magwagwa

Magwagwa Multipurpose Dam Project comprises the construction of a 95m high and 450m long concrete faced rock fill dam with a design total output of 120MW and an annual energy production of 510GWh/y. It also comprises a reservoir with a maximum capacity of 445*10,000,000 cubic meters expected to supply water to 19 service centres starting with Magwagwa town, whilst also providing water for irrigation and fisheries.

Gitwiki Hydro Falls

  • Promoter: County Government of Meru
  • Estimated Investment: USD 4.5 million
  • Private Sector Participation: 
  • Location: North Imenti

The development is proposed to generate 1.5 MW of hydropower on Kathita River. The payback period of the development is seven years. The annual revenue projection is USD 657,000.

Kamachege Hydro Falls

  • Promoter: County Government of Meru
  • Estimated Investment: USD 7.5 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: South Imenti

The development is proposed to generate 2.5MW of hydropower using waters of Kithinu River. The annual revenue projection is USD 1.095 million.

Nturingwi Solar PV

  • Promoter: County Government of Meru
  • Estimated Investment: USD 200 million
  • Private Sector Participation: 
  • Location: Nturingwi

The development is proposed to generate 80MW of solar power. The flat topography, its average global horizontal irradiation of 6.2kWh/m2 per day and 2263.3kWh/m2 per annum make it ideal for a solar PV project.

Kandebene Wind Project

  • Promoter: County Government of Meru
  • Estimated Investment: USD 100 million
  • Private Sector Participation: 
  • Location: Kangeta Hills- Tigania East

The development is proposed to generate 50MW as the area falls under wind class 4-5. The annual revenue projection is USD 14.45 million, with an estimated payback period of seven years.


Project Promoter
Kiambere-Solar Energy Development Tana & Athi Rivers Water Development Authority
2x100MW Menengai Phase I-I Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC)
800 MW Menengai Phase 2 Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC)
  Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC)
Offshore Jetty National Oil Corporation of Kenya
300MW Geothermal Plant Geothermal Development Corporation (GDC)


Lamu Port (LAPSSET- Lamu Port Southern Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor Project)

  • Promoter: 
Kenya Ports Authority (KPA)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 664 million
  • Private Sector Participation: BOT
  • Location: Lamu

The project will see the construction of three additional berths and a draft of 18 metres to accommodate larger ships equivalent to 100,000 tons. The first three berths are under construction through the Government funding. The port will be linked to Ethiopia and South Sudan through a road network and a standard gauge railway line via Garissa, Isiolo, Maralal, Lodwar and Lokichogio.

Nairobi Commuter Rail

  • Promoter:
Kenya Railways Corporation
  • Estimated Investment: USD 68 million (private equity) and USD 70 million (private debt)
  • Private Sector Participation: Concession
  • Location: Nairobi

This project seeks a partner to run the commuter service of the Nairobi Commuter Rail and this will include provision of rolling stock. The Government has already invested in the restoration of the rails. The project will provide expanded, safe, affordable and efficient rail commuter services in Nairobi with the additional benefit of decongesting the capital city’s roads.

Railway Cities

  • Promoter: Kenya Railways Corporation
  • Estimated Investment: USD 2.1 billion
  • Private Sector Participation: Joint Venture
  • Location: Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu

This initiative will redevelop existing rail stations into mini cities, which include business parks for light manufacturing, hotels, shopping arcades, restaurants and parking garages.

Thika Toll Road

  • Promoter:
 Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA)
  • Estimated Investment: USD 56 million
  • Private Sector Participation: Concession
  • Location: Nairobi – Thika Highway

The highway serves numerous large commercial and industrial enterprises and rapidly growing real estate zones. The 52 km long high capacity expressway is part of the International Trunk Road linking Kenya to Southern Africa through Tanzania and Northern Africa through Ethiopia. It connects high potential industrial and commercial areas in central parts of Kenya to the regional highway backbone (Northern Corridor), Kenya’s International Airport, and three (3) major city arterial roads. The highway will enable smooth dispersal of traffic within the greater Nairobi metropolitan area.


Mombasa 2nd Container Terminal

  • Promoter:
 Kenya Ports Authority
  • Estimated Investment: USD 330.1 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Mombasa

A new container terminal at the port of Mombasa – on an area of 100 hectares at the western side of the existing Kipevu Oil Terminal – is planned to create an additional capacity of 1.2 million TEU.

Multi-story Terminal at Likoni

  • Promoter: Kenya Ferry Services Limited
  • Estimated Investment: USD 31 million
  • Private Sector Participation: PPP
  • Location: Mombasa

Development of a multi-story terminal on 1.6 hectares in Mombasa to provide a modern ferry terminal, parking, bus terminal as well as a variety of commercial services to maximize revenue potential of the site.


Project Promoter
PPP Structure for food courts at JKIA Kenya Airports Authority
O&M of JKIA Terminal 2(Greenfield Terminal)
Kenya Airports Authority
Kisumu Lake Port Kenya Ports Authority
Integrated Marine Transport System(IMTS) Kenya Ferry Services Limited
O&M of Nairobi Southern Bypass Kenya National Highways Authority
2nd Nyali Bridge Kenya National Highways Authority
O&M of Nairobi-Thika Road Kenya National Highways Authority
Dualing of Nairobi-Nakuru Road Kenya National Highways Authority
Dualing of Nairobi-Mombasa Highway Kenya National Highways Authority
Conversion of berths 11-14 into container terminals. Kenya Ports Authority

Reducing cost of energy and improving energy availability

Kenya is ideally positioned to unleash Africa’s power generation capacity through its focus on green energy and cost effective sources of energy, set to contribute to a 5000MW increase in the national power grid.


Increasing share of power generated from green and more cost effective sources, with a target to increase electricity generation capacity by 5,000MW from the current 1,644MW to 6,700 MW in 40 months.

Key Power Project and Recent Resource Discoveries


icons1300 MW Lake Turkana Wind Power Project valued at USD 823 million.


icons2Two new water sources at Turkana Basin and Lotikipi Basin holding 250 billion m3 of water, sufficient to supply Kenya for 70 years.


icons3Discovery of reserves by Tullow oil are estimated to extract as much as one billion barrels.


icons43,000 MW Geothermal Power Project in Baringo valued at USD 135 million.


icons5900 -1,000MW Coal Power Plant in Lamu.


icons6700-800 MW Natural Gas Fired Plant near Mombasa through a PPP.

Improving Infrastructure

Kenya’s infrastructure landscape is also undergoing significant transformation as evidenced by commitment of over USD 20 billion towards infrastructure development through public-private partnerships.


Increasing investment in infrastructure under PPP arrangements


USD 14.5 billion Konza Technology City “Silicon City” IT hub to be built on 5000 acres of land in Machakos County.


USD 5.5 billion Lamu Port Southern Sudan – Ethiopia Transport Corridor Construction of Lamu Port headquarters is in progress.


USD 3.6 billion Standard Gauge Railway links Kenya’s Indian Ocean port city of Mombasa to the capital Nairobi


USD 654 million Jomo Kenyatta International Airport expansion comprises of a 178,000m2 facility due for completion in 2017, complemented by Nairobi Commuter Rail Service linking the city centre to the airport.


USD 366 million The Port of Mombasa harbour channel was deepened by 15 metres and widened to 500 metres to accommodate larger vessels.


USD 360 millionConstruction of the eight-lane controlled-access 50km Nairobi– Thika superhighway was completed in 2012. It has led to the emergence of new businesses, especially in retail and
 real estate including the creation of three major malls.

Political stability & favourable investment policy

Empowered by a new constitution and administration, the national and county Governments are approaching the private
sector as a central partner in the development and growth of the Kenyan economy.


A New Government

The new Jubilee Administration regards the private sector as a key centre of economic and social development. It has signaled this shift in the Government’s orientation through the divestment of its majority shareholding in state commercial companies through the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Business environment reforms

Kenya is making efforts to lower the cost of doing business by conducting extensive business regulatory reforms intended to substantially reduce the number of licensing requirements and to make the licensing regimes more transparent and focused on legitimate regulatory purposes.

Open market access system

Kenya has fully liberalised its economy and removed all obstacles that previously hampered the free flow of trade and private investment, such as exchange controls, import and export licensing, as well as restrictions on remittances of profits and dividends.

Devolution into County Governments

Empowered by the new constitution, devolution offers an opportunity for investment through localised innovation and through collaboration, by building commercial ecosystems that expand employment opportunities and empower local communities.


  • The Kenya Constitution guarantees against expropriation of private property
  • No exchange controls guarantee repatriation of capital, profits and interests
  • A Member of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the Africa Trade Insurance Agency (ATIA), which both insure foreign investments against non-commercial risks
  • A member of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), which arbitrates cases between foreign investors and host Governments.

Wide Market Access


Member Countries: 5
Population: 143.5 million

Total GDP: $110.3 billion

Source: EAC Facts & Figures Report (2014)

Kenya’s membership of regional economic blocs, coupled with its strategic geographic position, make the country the gateway to the huge EAC and COMESA regional markets and a beneficiary of several preferential trade arrangements.


Member Countries: 20

Population: 469 million

Total GDP: USD 636 billion

Source: COMESA (2013)


Kenya is a member of several trade arrangements and beneficiary of trade promotion schemes that include the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), World Trade Organisation and EAC-EU Trade Agreement.


There will soon be Tripartite Free Trade Area (FTA) cooperation, a regional bloc of the EAC, COMESA & SADC nations – creating a potential market of over 600 million.


  • Market Integration
  • Infrastructure development
  • Industrial development


  • Harmonization and improvement of functionality of regional trade agreements and programs
  • Trade promotion
  • Joint planning and implementation of infrastructure programs
  • Free movement of business persons within the region

Strategic Geographical Location

Kenya’s geographical location makes the country ideal for strategic partnerships aimed at improving regional and global market share.


Kenyan infrastructure, including the Ports of Mombasa and the KE-UG railway, is the gateway to the vibrant East and Central Africa region.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport functions as an effective air hub between Africa, Europe and Asia.

Low Risk Investment Environment

Kenya’s investment climate is the strongest in the EAC, with FDI flowing in from emerging and developed markets and a high volume of multinational companies with regional and continent-wide headquartered in the country.



FDI has been on the rise and is stronger than investment in other EAC countries. Given its position as the economic, commercial and logistical hub of East Africa, private equity capital is now flowing into Kenya.

In 2013, Kenya was the top destination for international investors in the Eastern Africa Region after attracting 12 private equity deals valued at over USD 110.5 million; and in 2015, PwC ranked Nairobi as the most attractive African city for FDI.

“Kenya is developing as the favoured business hub, not only for oil and gas exploration in the sub region but also for industrial production and transport. The country is set to develop further as a regional hub for energy, services and manufacturing over the next decade.” – UNCTAD





  • Kwale International Sugar Company invested USD 200 million in a sugar processing facility in Ramisi – one of the largest greenfield projects in Africa.
  • Harith General Partners invested USD 870 million in a wind project in Lake Turkana – one of the biggest wind projects in Africa.
  • GZI Kenya Limited is setting up a beverage aluminium can manufacturing plant in Sultan Hamud Kajiado County with capacity to produce 1.2 billion per year.

East and Central Africa’s Largest Economy

Kenya is the largest and the most advanced economy in East and Central Africa; with strong growth prospects supported by an emerging, urban middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value goods and services.


Kenya is the dominant economy in the East Africa Community, contributing to more than 50 per cent of the region’s GDP.

Growing consumer market

Kenya has the second largest population within the EAC at 43 million and is growing at a rate of 2.7 per cent per annum. There is a rising trend towards urbanization, which is contributing to an increase in consumer demand for high value goods. This trend is forecasted to continue, with 50 per cent of the population expected to live in urban areas by 2050.

The size of Kenya’s middle class is growing as evidenced by the growth in its gross national income per capita, which has increased at a CAGR of 2 per cent over the past 10 years.